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3 Ways A Business Can Support The Circular Economy

3 easy ways businesses can support the circular economy

We all know it’s important to start doing more with less. We were taught in our early years to reduce, reuse and recycle. But it seems we’ve forgotten that over time. Half of all plastic that exists is from the last 13 years and we’re disposing of more than ever. So, here are 3 easy ways businesses can support the circular economy and truly commit to a greener future.

Rent instead of sell

Local councils and governments just don’t have the resources needed to recycle and repurpose everything that’s produced. Especially if it’s quite specialist. But manufacturers can help by renting goods instead of selling them. HBR reports, “Take Renault’s electric cars as an example. Instead of selling the batteries to its customers, the company leases them. This means that when the batteries no longer work, the manufacturer can re-engineer or recycle them for future use.” This keeps them out of landfills and guarantees reuse.

Commit to second-hand

Not only are brand new products more polluting and wasteful than used; they’re more expensive too. So, when furnishing your office or renovating, consider buying a second-hand office chair or desk. We know first hand how much better for the environment this is. Our circular economy solutions have had a direct role in reducing the carbon footprint of our clients’ furniture and IT equipment by keeping everything in use for longer. And when they’re not fit for purpose, we ensure they are recycled responsibly.

Donate to offset

Not every production process or supply chain is carbon neutral. So, you can donate unwanted goods to further offset your emissions. In 2020, we donated over 1000 items. This saved landfill space and reduced the carbon creation of 65 tons of CO2(e). We always provide our clients with a certificate of donations, offset achieved and the charities supported. So, expect your circular economy partner to do the same for your goods.

Interested in more ways your business can support the circular economy? Talk to our helpful team.

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