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Why You Should be Buying Refurbished Office Furniture Over New

Approximately 295,000 of office chairs (3,500 tonnes) are reused in some form or other in the UK every year. This represents 14% of all office chairs reaching the end of their life each year.

The remaining 86% are sent to recycling, energy recovery or landfill.

It is not just the environment that this has benefits for, there are also financial and employment benefits as well:

  1. The current levels of reuse of office chairs ensure we avoid 12,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent per year.
  1. Providing 1 tonne of office chairs for direct reuse e.g. a second-hand shop or on eBay like can result in a net Greenhouse Gas saving of 3 tonnes CO2 equivalent. This is just over 35kg CO2 equivalent per chair.
  1. Providing 1 tonne of office chairs to a preparation for reuse network can result in a net Greenhouse Gas saving of 2.6 tonnes CO2 equivalent net. This is approximately 30kg CO2 equivalent saving per chair.
  1. The proportion of chairs requiring refurbishment does not significantly alter the environmental benefits of preparation for reuse. The reason for this is the relatively low impact of refurbishment compared to the higher impact of avoided production.
  1. As well as the carbon benefits, there are parallel resource and energy savings as a result of this reuse activity.
  1. Business users and households benefit by over £6m per year as a result of sale of items through reuse exchange and avoiding purchase of (more expensive) new items.
  1. The net employment benefit of dealing with all office chairs that reach the end of their life today (business-asusual) is around 20 jobs.

With these facts to hand, why would you not consider purchasing refurbished office furniture versus new today? Why not call us on 0207157 9639 to discuss your needs.

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