For the last 15 years, Corporate Spec LTD has been working hard to gain and maintain the trust and loyalty of our valuable clients all over the UK and Europe. We strongly believe that the only way to deliver valuable and outstanding customer service experience is to ensure we always focus on the service rather than the profit and the environment rather than the sales. This way of thinking lies at the core of our business and underlines every thing we do and stand for. That is why we are in this business, to give our customers value for money and the perfect product as well as helping to save the environment. If you choose us we promise, from the first point of contact with us until the job is entirely done, our main focus is on ensuring you get the products you require that are highly refurbished (like new), as well as saving you money and it’s your full satisfaction that keeps us going, by choosing us you will also play a big and very important part in saving the environment and helping to preserve our beloved planet earth. This is far from being a claim, our integrity, environment awareness and the highly trained and expert personnel ensure that we will keep this promise.

“Our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE and our combination of wide range of products, experience and resources is unparalleled, we stay in line with the evolving needs of companies and understand the importance of a staff-centered approach in nowadays workplace environments.”

Weather you need to sell or buy brand name seating furniture or just have a sales advice, our seamless process ensure a very effective outcome. This is why the majority of our customers have been working with us for several years. We also have a valuable experience in helping businesses with their growth. Our highly trained sales team has a reputation for delivering an outstanding customer experience. They work closely with our refurbishment team which includes product cost and condition. For more up to date information, join us on our social media pages.

Our whole business operations is endorsed and supported by our investors and shareholders, and a top notch business management. That is why we are the UK’s largest buyer of wholesale brand name seating and the provider of highly refurbished designer office chairs and furniture, and helping to improve today’s workplace well being and productivity alongside saving the environment will always be our main mission and top priority.