Designed with comfort, durability and maximum ergonomic cushioning in mind, an expertly manufactured gaming chair ensures maintained focus throughout longer sessions. With refurbished models from a range of manufacturers, you’re sure to find a gaming chair suited to each and every requirement, body type and aesthetic preference.


During long gaming sessions, versatility, practicality and full body support are crucial. Here at Corporate Spec, you’re sure to find a chair that suits your exact requirements. What’s more, we’re pleased to offer refurbished models at a fraction of the price.

To discuss your needs, simply get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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Refurbished Giroflex G64 - 3D Arms - Paseo - Corporate Spec 1
apple Apple
belize Belize
black Black
blizzard Blizzard
bluebell Bluebell
calypso Calypso
campeche Campeche
costa Costa
curacao Curacao
guyana Guyana
lobster Lobster
montserrat Montserrat
ocean Ocean
olympic Olympic
paseo Paseo
sandstorm Sandstorm
scuba Scuba
solano Solano
sombrero Sombrero
taboo Taboo
tarrot Tarot

Refurbished Giroflex G64 – 3D Arms – Multi Colours

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