Owning designer, branded, elegant and classy office furniture is every office’s quest, businesses and company owners choose the designer brand and style of their workplace office furniture because they want to look after their people well-being as well as giving a statement to their potential clients. However, we all know at some point down the line office furniture will reach it’s end due to the wear an tear process, and not all businesses can afford replacing these designer brand furniture with new pieces very easily. So rather than buying new office furniture many businesses will decide to look for restored and refurbished office furniture.

Furniture refurbishment is a process during which certain office furniture items is being restored in order to restore it’s manufacturer functionality and the original look. Furniture refurbishment can provide several benefits. One of them is that it saves a lot of time as well as money when compared to buying brand new furniture.

– It’s proven that furniture refurbishment and restoring reduces the impact on our beloved planet earth environment. When comparing furniture refurbishment process, it takes 100 times more carbon dioxide to make a brand new furniture. Choosing an environment friendly option like furniture refurbishment contributes towards saving our ECO system. A professional office furniture refurbishment company like Corporate Spec LTD has the techniques, the equipment and the professionals that can do a perfect job without compromising the originality and the functions of the furniture. Contact us if you require selling any brand name office seating that can be restored, or if you are buying refurbished brand name office seating at a very competitive price.

Corporate Spec LTD is a privately owned, brand name office seating and furniture buyer and supplier in UK and Europe modern workplace furniture. Corporate Spec buys and sells a wide range of office seating and furniture, including executive, boardroom, meeting and performance seating to help companies and organizations improve the productivity and the well-being of their people. Corporate Spec LTD is fully committed to the maintenance of our beloved planet earth ECO system, in accordance with the requirements of ISO. All environmental issues and concerns are taken in account and consideration when conducting the company’s objectives.

Corporate Spec LTD is fully commited to:

– Regular reviews of our company environmental performance and impact
– Complying with environmental codes of practices
– Openness of all our environmental activities to all our customers and shareholders
– Using refurbishment sources that help in reducing environmental impact of our clients
– Sending waste to landfills as a last resort
– Reducing energy usage and fuel consumptions levels
– Setting targets and review them in regular basis by the company’s management team and make them available to our customers and the public when requested.