Product Warranty
1. Warranty Coverage:
Corporate Spec provides a 12-month mechanical warranty on all refurbished branded office furniture
sold to our valued customers in the United Kingdom. This warranty covers any defects in the
mechanical components of the furniture, ensuring that you can confidently use your purchased items
for the specified period.

2. Warranty Commencement:
The warranty period begins on the date of delivery or collection of the furniture by the customer.
Please retain your original purchase receipt or invoice as proof of purchase, as it will be required to
initiate any warranty claims.

3. Covered Components:
The mechanical warranty covers the moving and functioning parts of the refurbished office furniture.
This includes, but is not limited to, chair mechanisms, caster wheels, height adjustment mechanisms,
and any other mechanical parts integral to the proper functioning of the furniture.

4. Warranty Exclusions:
The mechanical warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, abuse, neglect, or
accidents. It also does not extend to normal wear and tear, cosmetic imperfections, or damage
resulting from unauthorized modifications or repairs made by third parties.

5. Warranty Claim Procedure:
In the event of a mechanical issue covered under this warranty, please follow these steps to initiate a

a) Contact our Customer Support Team: Notify Corporate Spec’s Customer Support team immediately
after discovering the mechanical defect. You can reach us through email at
or by calling our number +44 (0)207 157 9639.

b) Provide Necessary Information: When contacting us, please provide your order number, a detailed
description of the issue, and any relevant photographs or videos showcasing the problem. This
information will assist us in efficiently processing your claim.

c) Evaluation and Resolution: Our team will assess the provided information and, if required, may
request additional details for further evaluation. Once the claim is verified, Corporate Spec will, at its
discretion, repair or replace the affected components or the entire furniture item, without additional
cost to the customer.

6. Return and Shipping Costs:
If the warranty claim necessitates a return, Corporate Spec will arrange and cover the shipping costs
associated with returning the defective furniture or parts and delivering the repaired/replacement
items to the customer.

7. Non-Transferable Warranty:
This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the refurbished office furniture from Corporate Spec.

8. Limitation of Liability:
Corporate Spec’s liability under this mechanical warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement
of defective components or furniture. We are not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential
damages arising from the use of the furniture, even if the defect leads to productivity loss or other
economic impacts.

9. Modification of Policy:
Corporate Spec reserves the right to modify or terminate this warranty policy at its discretion. Any
changes will be applicable to future purchases and will not affect claims made during the original
warranty period.

By purchasing refurbished branded office furniture from Corporate Spec, you acknowledge and accept the
terms and conditions of this 12 Month Mechanical Warranty Policy.

(Last Updated: 9th November 2022)