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Everything You Need To Know About Modern Gaming Chairs

Have you thought about your chair recently? These everyday pieces of furniture can easily fade into the background in our homes and offices, noticed only in their absence or if they fall into disrepair. But chairs are just as deserving of our attention as any other specialist piece of furniture, whether in the home or the office. This is because they serve a key practical purpose in addition to an aesthetic one, where a good chair can support your spinal health whilst completing the look of your space.

This combination of practicality and aesthetics is especially true of gaming chairs, where this vital piece of equipment should be specially chosen to appeal to the needs of its user. The popularity of these specialist chairs has exploded in recent years, ever since the introduction of the Formula Series in 2006 by DXRacer. These chairs were popularised by the subsequent boom of live streaming platforms and a growing interest in eSports, where gaming equipment was suddenly viewed by a huge international audience.

Choosing your new gaming chair can be a minefield, which is why we’ve broken down the key points to consider in this comprehensive guide. Read on to find out more about the various features, types and benefits of modern gaming chairs.

Popular Types Of Gaming Chair

There are multiple types of gaming chairs to consider depending on the kind of console you’re using and the type of games you’re participating in. It is always best to do your research beforehand to prevent a rash investment, where you want to make sure that you’re choosing the appropriate model for you.

PC & Racing Gaming Chairs

This kind of chair is what most people would think of when they picture gaming furniture. Designed to be used with a PC, these chairs feature a high back and armrests to support keyboard and mouse usage. As such they can also double as an appropriate office chair. The traditional black and red design is made to resemble professional racing car seats, hence their colloquial name of racing chairs.

Console Gaming Chairs

These chairs are designed specifically to support console gaming, and tend to come in a wider variety of styles than your typical PC gaming chair. Console chairs tend to be L-shaped, resting on the ground rather than on wheels to facilitate a more laid back gaming posture. The rocker design is a popular choice, where these allow for a comfortable back and forward movement to allow for flexible positioning. Many of these chairs will also contain additional tech features to support console gaming such as bluetooth connectivity and charging points.

Bean Bag Chairs

For a more laid back chair option, many gamers will opt for the bean bag. These soft and squidgy furniture alternatives typically come in suede or microfiber, where their large sacks are stuffed full of malleable beans. Although these chairs don’t offer much in the way of back support, they do facilitate a wide array of seating positions whilst providing a cheaper option than traditional and more high tech gaming chairs.

Racing Simulator Chairs

This genre of chair is designed specifically for racing games, where they can be fitted with a wide range of car-like accessories such as pedals, gear sticks and steering wheels. Not to be confused with your standard racing chair, these consist of more than just the design of a motorcar interior, where they can also be used by professional drivers for simulation training.

Key Features To Consider

Once you’ve decided what kind of chair you’d like, it will then be time to consider the details. With a wide range of models available, you will be able to find the right chair for you no matter your specifications. Some key aspects to consider may include:

Ergonomics & Back Support

Ergonomics describes a purposefulness of design that prioritises user safety and effectiveness. In terms of chairs, this means that the design should support everyday spinal health, which is especially important for gamers who are seated for long periods of time. Not every chair is designed with back support in mind, especially gaming chairs that prioritise aesthetics and gadgets over long-use comfort.

The best chairs will be able to minimise back pain and support manoeuvrability. To achieve this your chair should be fully adjustable so its back, neck and arm supports can all be moved to an optimal height and angle. Lumbar support is also essential, where this refers to the part of the chair that fits to the curvature of your spine. This facilitates proper posture over long periods of time.


A big part of the gaming experience depends on your arm and wrist support, which is why you should think about your chair’s armrests as carefully as you would about back support. Armrests also contribute to proper posture and can promote long term comfort whilst helping you to avoid repetitive strain. This is much more important if you’re using a PC compared to a console, where your chair should at least facilitate a height adjustment of your armrests.

Console Compatibility

You can also choose your chair according to what kind of console you’re working with. Always check the dimensions of your chair and the space you have available before placing your order. Some chairs will also feature additional technologies designed to enhance your gaming experience. This may include usb ports, in-built speakers and bluetooth connectivity which are designed to complement the functionality of different consoles.

Style & Upholstery

Of course one key aspect you will want to consider when choosing your gaming chair is its appearance. Colours and designs can enhance your existing gaming set-up whilst adding to the atmosphere of the space. In addition to this, your chair upholstery should also be considered, where various materials can add to your comfort levels during long-play sessions.

Build Quality

It’s easy to overlook the quality of your gaming chair when searching for a bargain, but it’s still important to balance price with sturdiness when making a long-term investment. To identify a high quality chair, it is recommended that you take a look at its frame, where well built models will be made of a metal such as steel. This will help your chair to last longer than cheaper alternatives such as wood or plastic.

Why Choose A Refurbished Chair

There are numerous places where you can source your gaming chair, whether you’re looking for a high tech model or a more affordable alternative. But one option you may not have considered is buying a used chair that has been refurbished. There are numerous benefits to choosing this option, where these include:


Choosing to buy a refurbished gaming chair is a great way to save money whilst still securing a product from a respected brand. Refurbished chairs may not be new, but they will have been reconditioned to a high standard, so that you can benefit from choosing a branded product without paying full price for your chair.

Product Quality

Refurbished chairs are always going to be of an impressive quality, where most companies will only stock products from reputed designers. The chairs will also have been reconditioned to ensure they are ready to be reused, which guarantees that they will be both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmental Impact

The consumption and disposal of new furnishings is a huge contributor to landfill, where buying new is always going to be more environmentally harmful than seeking a second hand alternative. A refurbished option supports the salvaging of useful materials that are ready to be repurposed, helping to reduce the consumption of finite resources whilst cutting down on waste.

Corporate Spec: Refurbished Chairs For Every Gaming Experience

At Corporate Spec, we supply a wide range of refurbished gaming chairs from leading brands such as Giroflex and Herman Miller. Whether you’re looking for effective lumbar support or fully adjustable armrest, we have the chair solution for you.

From Mesh Back Chairs To Office Furniture

In addition to gaming chairs, we also supply a wide range of branded office chairs, as well as sofas, stools and other workplace furniture. Whatever your requirements, our expert team is on hand to help you find your perfect chair – get in touch today to find out more about how we can help.

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