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Your Office Must-Haves: Furniture Essentials and More

The office should be a welcoming environment that facilitates productivity, encourages workplace happiness and provides a comfortable space for employees to concentrate on their tasks. That’s why you should ensure your office interiors are decked out with all the classic essentials required to achieve this. Read on to discover the furniture essentials and practical necessities your office should be offering.

Office chairs

Comfortable office chairs should be at the forefront of your list when considering office essentials. You should opt for ergonomic chairs – unlike typical office furniture, these keep the user’s body in a secure and upright position, reducing stress on the spine, neck, and hips. This will improve your posture and provide comfort throughout the day.


Sturdy, stable desks that employees can use as a base to work from are an integral feature of all offices. You should try and source desks that fill available space – too large and it might not fit, but if it’s too small it looks odd and may not offer enough room to work comfortably.


With most offices containing a great deal of paperwork and data, you will need decent storage options to keep everything safe. Therefore, cabinets should complement the overall interior design of your office while providing effective storage and being easy to organise.

‘Living space’ furniture

Lounge seating areas with coffee tables,  comfortable sofas and bookcases give people somewhere to relax briefly, and take a break from their work.

Canteen furniture

If your office complex has a canteen or a restaurant, you’ll need to make sure there are chairs and stools available for people to sit and enjoy food and refreshments.

Boardroom chairs

You should furnish your boardroom with boardroom seating and executive chairs to add a refined, professional look to the space and generate an air of formality.

Visitor seating

Waiting areas and dedicated visitor spaces at your office are the initial points of contact for guests, so you’ll want to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Computer hardware and accessories

From monitors to mouse pads, you should ensure that your office contains all the technological accessories to keep operations running smoothly.

Interactive whiteboards and displays

Presentation equipment is important for in-house discussions and any meetings with clients or customers. An interactive whiteboard also helps the presenter convey their points effectively – so you’ll want to ensure you stay up to date with the latest equipment.

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