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5 Essential Items For Your Company’s Meeting Rooms

From interviewing potential employees to confidential meetings with clients, your meeting room is home to some of the most important conversations your business can have.

Your business meeting room is often the first impression your clients and employees get of your business, so it is important to invest some time into making it look as professional as possible.

Keep reading to discover the 5 essential items your business needs to create a professional and productive meeting room.

1.  SMART board

A SMART board is one of the most essential items you need for your meeting room. Designed by Canadian-based company SMART Technologies, the SMART Board is an interactive surface which is a whiteboard, projection screen and computer all in one.

It allows employees to present their ideas, collaborate with each other and use the touchscreen functions to write on the board using only their fingers.

2.  Power sockets

If your meetings require everyone to bring laptops and tablets, then it is essential that you provide an ample supply of sockets dotted around the room.

This can help to boost the productivity of your meetings as everyone will have access to their work and can make useful notes during the meeting.

3.  Air conditioning/central heating

Meetings can be long and tiring and the last thing you need is a room that gets stiflingly hot or uncomfortably cold as you are trying to discuss important matters.

If employees become more distracted by the chattering of their teeth in a frosty meeting room than the meeting itself then work productivity will soon dwindle and you will end up creating a negative work environment.

Make sure you have both air conditioning and heating systems installed to keep you and your employees comfortable all day long.

4.  Plants

While it is best to keep interior design to a minimum in meeting rooms in order to prevent added distractions, plants are a simple but great decoration that can actually improve productivity.

Plants have been proven to reduce stress, boost our mood and improve productivity. They can instantly liven up any plain meeting room with a luscious green splash of colour and a gentle visual reminder of the tranquillity of nature.

5.  Professional office furniture

Arguably the most important item for any meeting room is professional office furniture.

A high-quality, well-made meeting room chair evokes a sense of professionalism that is simply unmatched. At Corporate Spec, we offer a range of luxury designer office chairs in a range of gorgeous colours to seamlessly match your business’ brand.

Corporate Spec: Refurbished office chairs

If you are looking for a range of high-quality, well-crafted meeting chairs to impress your clients, then look no further than Corporate Spec.

We offer all of the furniture your business needs to create a professional and comfortable working environment.

Get in touch with a member of our friendly team here today for more information.

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