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Going Green: How to Make Your Office More Sustainable

We’re all becoming more conscious of how our individual actions at home can have an impact on our planet. But as the climate crisis continues, it is also important to consider how you can go green at your workplace too.

A huge chunk of the UK workforce are based in an indoor office environment, a space where energy usage and waste can skyrocket. Luckily there are a number of ways your office can reduce its carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly – read on to find out how you can give your workplace a green makeover today.

Better Bulbs

Switch your standard office lighting to more energy efficient LED bulbs. These use less electricity than your usual fluorescent lighting, emitting more light and less heat, all at a lower cost to your workplace. Also consider whether you really need those lights switched on for optimal energy saving.

Purposeful Plants

Fill your office space with greenery and you’ll quickly see a range of benefits. Not only do plants boost individual wellbeing, they also have a big impact on indoor air quality, absorbing toxins released by printers and other technology. Plants bring the added benefit of making your space look more homely and inviting.

Adjusted Air Con

Think about how you’re using your air conditioning system at work. Employed for both heating and cooling, temperature control systems can be using more energy than necessary. Consider whether you could turn down that thermostat in the warmer months, and if you’re really committed, look into switching entirely to a renewable energy source for your office.

Recycled Resources

Avoid single-use plastics and products in your workplace to reduce your waste production. Lunchtime packaging and takeaway coffee cups quickly pile up in a busy office. Supplying reusable materials as well as washable mugs and dishes can help to cut down on rubbish. Having a reliable recycling system in place will also help to reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfill.

Delightful Digitisation

Reduce the need for excess printing and paper waste by digitising your work environment as much as possible. Consider your office filing system and whether everything needs a physical copy. Double sided printing or producing colour-free documents will also reduce your energy usage, helping the planet and saving you money in the long run.

Considerate Commuting

Be green before you even get to work with an environmentally friendly commute. Workplace incentives such as public transport subsidies, carpool systems or cycle-to-work schemes can help to promote sustainable travel choices.

Fantastic Furniture

Fill your office with furniture you can be proud of, by sourcing second hand or refurbished items. This reduces waste by providing a new home for old or vintage products, and can also land you with a cheaper alternative than buying brand new.

At Corporate Spec, we buy and sell a wide range of branded workplace furniture, where we stock refurbished office chairs, stools and sofas. Contact us for more information if you’d like to buy furniture for your office or if you have an item to sell and refurbish. You can also book a showroom visit now to explore our current selection.

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