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Desk Chairs And More: Setting Up The Ideal Home Office

Desk Chairs And More: Setting Up The Ideal Home Office

Home offices are central to the productivity and organisation of our lives. They provide a space for us not only to work but to think, focus, and relax also. To have a truly great office space within your property, workplace office furniture is an essential component – whether that be a desk chair or boardroom seating.

This blog will explore how to establish an ideal office space in your home, making work-from-home a joy with helpful tips, some workplace office furniture recommendations, and more. To learn more about crafting the perfect home office setup, read on!

The Importance Of A Home Office Space

Productivity and Focus

A home office space with suitable workplace office furniture (such as refurbished chairs and branded office chairs) can enrich your productivity, whatever your field of work. By ensuring the tools you need are present with minimal distractions, a well-designed area for work can increase the effectiveness with which you work. By moulding your workspace to individual requirements and specifications, you can have it function intuitively with how you undertake your daily tasks.

Comfort And Health

A home office can be made a pleasant and morale-boosting place for your everyday working tasks. Whether high-end branded office chairs or refurbished chairs, desk chairs or boardroom seating are luxurious and adjustable seating options. The ergonomics and lumbar support can be invaluable to day-to-day comfort.

Provided with light, air, and the freedom of being comfortable, a home office setup can even improve your health. In a good working environment, you’ll be able to relax easily whilst maintaining productivity, reducing stress levels and any other anxieties in the process.


An effective home office can help project a professional and dedicated image to clients and colleagues alike. It demonstrates an employee who takes pride in working effectively in all environments with a dedication to the task at hand. If you have any sort of video-based calling or communications, a home office will smoothen the process and make a great initial impression on the person you’re communicating with.

The Work-From-Home Revolution

The art of the home office has evolved significantly in recent years. In the past, working from home typically involved a small number of individuals who were self-employed or freelancers. They would work independently and communicate with clients and colleagues primarily through phone and email.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have had to quickly shift to remote work models to ensure the continued operation of their businesses.  The development of collaboration tools such as video calls, instant messaging, and cloud-based software applications has made remote working from a home office possible for companies and businesses.

This has highlighted the importance of having the right home office setup to enable productive and effective remote work.

Desk Chairs To Boardroom Seating: Top Home Office Tips

Think Spatially

The first element of crafting a home office is finding the right area to work efficiently. Depending on the room you use, you might need to rearrange the preexisting workplace office furniture to find the optimum setup. It is a good idea to try to prevent the space from being overcrowded with desk chairs, boardroom seating, or shelving. Having the room as an efficiently laid out space can profoundly enhance your productivity and workflow.

A good idea can be to study the “feng shui” of a room. This is an ancient Chinese traditional practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces to create spiritual balance with the natural world. However spiritually inclined or stoically secular you might be, “feng shui” is a helpful concept to consider when establishing a home office.

Considering the arrangement of a room’s objects can lead to a profound exploration of a workspace’s function, flow, and dynamics. And with “feng shui” in mind, you can creatively optimise a room’s layout, transforming a makeshift workspace into a bespoke hive of productivity.

Sit Comfortably In A Desk Chair

Whatever the task at hand, how one mentally functions can be largely defined by the comfort of the body. With branded office chairs or refurbished chairs, workplace office furniture enable an employee to work effectively. The design of these desk chairs can look stylish and chic in a home office, whether you pick boardroom seating or mesh-back desk chairs.

Branded office chairs and refurbished chairs can also be comfortable to sit in and healthy for the body, the lower back in particular. The ergonomically-focused shape of workplace office furniture can boost your productivity on the job, ensuring your body is sat in a good position for what will be prolonged periods of time.

Let There Be Light

Natural light should be a priority for a home office setup. Having the sun shine down onto your desk chair and workplace office furniture can make the room feel airy and light. The Vitamin D from the sun provides a morale-lifting atmosphere too.

If there are no windows or natural light sources nearby, look into finding specialist lamps and lanterns that can illuminate the room well. Many lights can create the impression of natural light with ease and can make the area feel refreshing to be in over long periods of time.

It is important to remember that every room is different: each light source and design will have a unique effect on the home office. Pick a light source that will coexist well with your desk chair and other workplace office furniture, and can provide a good lighting design for the room.

Consider Function

Integral to a room’s “feng shui” is how its form meets its function. By form, I suggest the nature with which it is decorated (desk chairs, workplace office furniture, etc) – with function denoting how these elements are applied.

Consider deeply what your home office is to be specifically used for. It might be a creative studio for your new graphic design projects. It could be a writing sanctuary where you’ll tackle your first novel. Perhaps the home office is a collaborative space where clients and partners can meet to discuss ideas at length in an informal yet professional setting.

The form of a home office has a defining impact on how its function is executed. So, think carefully about the essential workplace office furniture as well as other features you might want to be inside the space. Taking the above examples of a home office’s variable functions, a comfortable desk chair and table work excellently for solo working, whilst boardroom seating (perhaps with multiple refurbished chairs or branded office chairs) can enable you to entertain clients and partners.

The Importance Of Desk Layout

As much as “feng shui” affects the room as a whole, the same principle applies to the layout and organisation of your individual desk/table. Whilst it is important to have the tools you need for everyday tasks on hand, it is important not to clutter your desk, as this can make your workflow and overall productivity just as cluttered.

A minimalist desk setup can allow for a streamlined approach to everyday tasks. But to achieve this, creative storage solutions must be used around your home workplace’s office furniture to contain all the tools, equipment, and items you’ll need for day-to-day tasks.

A good rule of thumb is to order items in terms of accessibility – the most frequently used items (such as a pen or notepad) should be the most nearby your desk chair, whilst the least used items shouldn’t be prioritised as such. This can make your everyday workflow intuitive, simple, and without time delays.

Looking For Desk Chairs and Workplace Office Furniture?

If any of these tips have been helpful, you might be interested in upgrading your home office with branded office chairs, boardroom seating, or other workplace office furniture. This is where Corporate Spec can help. We provide a wide range of desk chairs, stools, benches, sofas, and more. Our refurbished chairs come in a range of styles for a variety of applications – whether your home office is an individual creative sanctuary or a busy, collaborative workspace.

With high-tech comfort and ergonomics, Corporate Spec’s branded office desk chairs can work effectively for home offices, meeting rooms, lounge areas, canteens, and more. Take a look through our online store to see our wide range of workplace office furniture products, including branded office chairs from Vitra, Fritz Hansen, and Herman Miller to name a few.

Get in touch with us today to find out more. You can reach Corporate Spec at 0207 157 9639 – a friendly member of our team will be happy to discuss your needs.

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