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How To Choose Furniture For Your Office Breakout Area

A busy office can be a stressful environment for employees, where long hours sitting at a desk or in meeting rooms can take their toll. It is important for companies to provide space in the office to break up the monotony of daily routines and to provide workers with ample opportunities to unwind.

Large offices will feature designated canteens, kitchenettes or coffee stations to support their employees during their meal breaks. In addition to this, a breakout room can provide an additional space for some downtime. This multi-functional area can be used for presentation preparation, informal meetings or just quiet relaxation, where this is a flexible space that bridges the gap between an office and a designated eating area.

Read on for an insight into the kinds of furniture that can be used to cultivate a relaxing and supportive breakout area for your workplace.


As a breakout room is designed for relaxation, it is best to choose furniture that is more comfortable than that used in the main office space. This means you can choose roomy sofas with soft cushions to provide ample room to unwind and rest after long periods sitting at a desk.


Although you want your employees to be able to relax in a breakout room, it is also important to provide the option of more supportive seating in case it is being used as an area for informal work. A mix of seating ensures that this space is multi-purpose, so that you can get as much use out of it as possible.


In your breakout area, tables will be used differently to desks, where you should encourage this to be a space to take a break from computer screens. Instead low coffee tables can be installed for making notes and holding refreshments, where these should help to form conversational areas within the space.


It is well known that greenery in the office both improves air quality and boosts overall wellbeing, where we all benefit from having a sense of nature in our interiors. As such, it will greatly improve your breakout area to include planters and leafy accessories to help to create an atmospheric space for informal work and downtime.


Lighting can make a big difference to how a space feels, where it can be used to boost focus or support relaxation. In a breakout area, soft but well-lit areas will encourage employees to unwind whilst also facilitating light work tasks.

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