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How to Design a Workplace Canteen Your Employees Will Love

A thriving workplace canteen can be a great environment for colleagues to eat, drink and socialise. Read on to discover everything you need to know about designing a workplace canteen your employees will love.

Make sure there’s enough space for mobility

When designing a workplace canteen, the last thing you want to do is make it too cramped and inaccessible. There should be enough space in the canteen area for employees and the staff serving food to move around – a clutter of poorly-placed seating and appliances defeats the purpose of having a communal eating area.

Source appropriate furniture

Providing your employees with comfortable seating should be an important priority when designing a workplace canteen. You’ll need to work out an adequate number of chairs and canteen stools to accommodate as many people as possible. The furniture should ideally be easy to manoeuvre – although it’s a great idea to invest in some quality sofas for enhanced comfort.

Provide adequate appliances

Ensure staff have everything they need to enjoy their food by providing a refrigerator to store food, a microwave to heat or cook food, coffee and water dispensers, and other essential kitchen appliances.

Be mindful of colours and lighting

It’s important your canteen is an aesthetically pleasing environment to be in. Opt for bright walls, artwork and indoor plants to create a lively and relaxed atmosphere. Remember, this space should look a little different from the rest of your property. It’s also a great idea to optimise natural lighting – this is a perfect way to help us focus, increase productivity and boost our moods.

Choose suitable flooring

When selecting flooring for your canteen, make sure it is slip-resistant and easy to maintain. Carpet runs the risk of accumulating dirt, so this is something that should be avoided.

Add an entertainment room

To coincide with your bustling canteen, it’s a nice idea to add an area where employees can unwind and have fun. You could fill this space with table football or a ping-pong table – not only will this create a relaxed office environment but will also give your employees a chance to interact with each other at a personal level and build stronger relationships.

Increase interactivity

To make the best use of your canteen area, you may turn it into an interactive space for employees and visitors as well. Place a board on a section of wall, and ask your staff to write inspirational quotes or random thoughts that may urge anyone to ponder on. You may also display a list of health and safety guidelines, or post company policies for new employees. If you’re in search of workplace furniture, you can rest assured that Corporate Spec has a huge selection of choices to meet your needs. From designer office chairs to restaurant seating, we’ve got you covered – so contact us today to find out more about our fantastic range of products and services.

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