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Essential Items for the Boardroom to Elevate Your Meetings

Whether you’ve just moved into a new office or want to enhance your existing one, the boardroom should be all decked out to impress both your clients and employees. Before organising any meetings, you’ll want to make sure your boardroom is well equipped with the essentials. Read on to discover how to transform your boardroom into an impressive powerhouse.

Boardroom tables

You should invest in a table that is sturdy, practical and stylish for your boardroom. With a huge range to choose from, there’s plenty of options available – you’ll want to think about size, shape, design and aesthetic before making a purchase.

Comfortable chairs

Another essential feature of a boardroom is comfortable chairs. You should opt for upholstered seating, which offers a much more comfortable seat than plain wood or metal. At Corporate Spec, we stock a variety of boardroom chairs that are ideal for professional office environments, providing long-lasting support and unparalleled comfort for extended periods.

Plenty of storage

One thing which often gets missed when planning a new boardroom is the storage, which shouldn’t be an afterthought. Depending on the size of your boardroom, you should be able to accommodate some sort of office storage. Sideboards can also double up as surfaces for refreshments, or opt for a custom unit with a built-in coffee machine or waste dispenser feature to ensure your employees stay focused throughout the meeting.

Modern technology

Your boardroom should feature all the essential, up-to-date technology required to host meetings and help display presentations. This may include:

  • Stable Internet – Use a secure network, as public wifi will not work. If there are many participants, then connect the wired Internet. Internet speed must be at least 1.2 Mb.
  • Reliable Browser – Choose the browser wisely, and make sure it is most convenient and reliable in terms of security and speed.
  • Headphones – It’s your choice which headset is more comfortable to use, whether it is wired headphones or bluetooth ones. Just double-check that bluetooth headphones are charged.
  • External microphone – When connected, the platform will ask you which microphone to use: built-in or external. It is better to use an external microphone from headphones. It provides a more stable and clearer sound, as it is closer to the face and does not capture extraneous noise.
  • Webcam – Check the operation of the laptop camera in advance. If quality is important to you, choose an external webcam that supports HD.

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