Furniture Essentials to Have in Your Communal Office

There is no doubt that an office space must be practical in terms of both its layout and contents, but
that’s not to say that it should simultaneously forgo style and comfort. Comfort in an office is actually
of great importance in aiding practicality; you want your staff to be comfortable in their working space
so they focus on whatever tasks they have at hand, likewise it is important they have somewhere to
relax during their break to restore their energy and motivation.
Here are some essential pieces of furniture to have in your communal office area and how these can
elevate it to its highest potential, rather than keeping it dreary and drab. Offices don’t have to be the
black and white cramped spaces they used to be, but a supportive and healthy environment.

Desks and Chairs

Whether you have a small team or multiple teams sharing one large space, desks and chairs are
fundamental to a productive office. When creating desk spaces, consider using tables or actual desks
that will be spacious enough to fit all of your staff’s essentials on, including their computer screen(s),
keyboard and space for other items such as notebooks, personal items (such as pictures or plants)
and drinks.

It is also a good idea to use office desks that have drawers underneath – many come with drawers
located underneath and to the side to minimise how much leg space they eat into. This offers your
staff space to keep any folders, spare stationary and other important or useful bits and bobs that they
may need in close proximity.

As for chairs, it is best to use ergonomic chairs that are padded and offer substantial back support.
Being sat at a desk all day is not healthy for people’s posture, especially if they are hunched in front of
a screen, so using chairs that provide functional support are imperative to your staff’s wellbeing.


Sofas may not come to mind when you first think of an office space, but we certainly consider them to
be essential. Breaks away from your desk are a must – in fact, it’s said that you should stand up every
30 minutes to stretch your legs and move your body. For those longer breaks, as well as walking
about and getting some fresh air, a change of seating is also recommended.

Having sofas provides a comfortable place for your staff to relax and recharge on their break away
from their computer screens, as well as offering a space that encourages socialising, to aid in rapport
building amongst staff.

Visitor Seating

Although many meetings are now held online via video conferences, it is likely that you will still have
visitors in your office from time to time. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an allocated seating area
for any visitors you do have. This offers them a pleasant and professional environment to wait in,
without encroaching into the space of your staff.

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