Office Spaces & Employee Well-Being: Boosting Productivity

Employee well-being and productivity go hand in hand, both impacting a person’s experience and output in the workplace. Maintaining both of these factors to a high standard is vital to any business.

If you’re looking to improve your office space and boost productivity, our list of suggestions are sure to help you make some improvements!

How Is Employee Well-Being Linked To Productivity?

Well-being describes how employees feel and function in the workplace. Employees who are stressed or burnt out from their working life can often have reduced levels of productivity. Improving your employees well-being can help to reduce absences, burnout and improve general productivity. There are a range of ways that this can be done from the comfort of your office space!

How To Increase Productivity In Your Office

Having an office that your employees want to work in can make all the difference to productivity and well-being. These suggestions can help you transform your office into a dynamic and rewarding space.

Functional Space & Comfort

These two factors go hand in hand in optimising the productivity of your office. From desk chairs to visitor seating, your office furniture should be comfortable enough that people are able to sit and work comfortably throughout the day without any strain or discomfort.

Having comfortable furniture is just one of the factors in creating a functional workspace. You want your entire office to run smoothly, so keeping things minimal and organised will go a long way. There can be a range of factors that influence the functional aspect of your office:

  • Colour
  • Plants
  • Natural Lighting
  • Art & Paintings
  • Seating


Keeping a tidy office helps keep it from looking and feeling cluttered. A lot of people tend to perform better in a clean and tidy environment, rather than a crowded space, so investing in filing cabinets and other means of office storage can help you keep things clean and organised.


A little greenery can go a long way! Plants are proven to boost productivity, and they bring a calming natural element to any office. Not only improving the aesthetic, plants are good for reducing stress and they improve the air circulation in your building too!

Space To Move

A cramped office space can make it difficult for people to work, so ensuring your office layout gives people plenty of space is important. People might want to get up and stretch their legs, so having a good amount of floor space can help.


Keeping the room smelling nice and fresh can really benefit an employee’s productivity. Having air fresheners and diffusers can keep the room smelling fresh, and you can find a range of calming, stress reducing scents to keep the office smelling sweet!

Corporate Spec

We supply a variety of refurbished office chairs and other furniture items that are perfect for any office. For further enquiries about our range of products or how we can help you, get in touch with us today!

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