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Reasons You Should Be Buying Refurbished Furniture

Are you on the hunt for your next furniture items? Whether it be desk chairs, sofas or tables, buying refurbished furniture has a range of benefits that you may not have considered! We’ve listed a few of the reasons why buying refurbished furniture could actually benefit you! Keep reading to find out more!


If you’re someone who values having rare designs and expressing yourself through exclusive pieces of furniture then refurbished items could be right up your street. Many people enjoy having unique items and not owning all the same things as their friends and neighbours. Refurbished furniture is great for giving common items a new and exciting look, completely changing the aesthetic!

Lower Cost

Finding individual pieces of furniture that are unique can often be expensive or require you to shop in more high end stores. You may even have to opt for bespoke furniture options to get the uniqueness you’re after.

With refurbished furniture however, you can find individual and unique furniture for a lower price! You can save a lot of money by buying quality second-hand items!


Buying pre-owned furniture is a great way to look after the planet and every effort helps! Having to produce new furniture items costs more and inflicts more damage than refurbishing items. Less energy is used in refurbishing items, which protects our environment.

Additionally, disposing of wooden or steel furniture items can be harmful to the environment, especially if these materials are not recycled properly.


Older, second hand refurbished items can actually be of better quality than newer furniture items. Generally, with older items that have been refurbished, they have withstood the test of time and will continue to be durable items, as opposed to newly manufactured items which may not have the same quality as older items.

Sentimental Value

Refurbished furniture will have gone through previous owners and looks, meaning the furniture that you end up with will have a whole history behind it.

Many people enjoy owning furniture with a sense of character rather than mass produced furniture items because it makes those pieces feel more special to them. Sentimental value can be priceless to some furniture owners, and if this is important to you then refurbished items could be the way to go!

Corporate Spec

Here at Corporate Spec, we supply a range of high quality refurbished office furniture. From designer office chairs to boardroom seating, our range of refurbished chairs and tables are sure to have something for your office!

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