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Creating The Perfect Office Reception Area: Tips & Tricks

The reception area of your office is one of the most essential parts to your business! When clients or other guests enter your building, the reception area is one of the first things they’ll encounter, and first impressions are crucial!

We’ve outlined our tips and tricks for creating the perfect office reception area for your business. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Is The Reception Area So Important?

The reception area of your office is not only the first real impression of your office to visitors and clients, it will reflect your business and workspace. Keeping first impressions reflective of your work ethic and what your business is about will help you develop relationships and impress your clients, so keeping it looking professional and tidy will go a long way!

Tips & Tricks

We’ve picked out a few ways you can improve the aesthetic of your reception area and tailor it to suit your business.

Colour Scheme

Ensuring that the colour schemes and decorative elements of your office are all coherent will give the whole office a more put together feel. Keeping colour themes running through your reception area will help tie your whole office together and give a smart feel. Calming colours like blues and greens can work well in office spaces.

Visitor Seating

Your visitor seating should exude comfort and professionalism. Depending on the type of business you are a part of, styles may vary, but keeping guests comfy while they are in your visitor seating area is extremely important. Lounge seating or stylish sofas could work well in a reception area.


If your office has a lot of natural light, you want to maintain that throughout. Or, if you have a lot of lamps and artificial lighting, keep the consistency running through your reception area too. LED lights are a good example, as they keep things looking naturally bright, helping visitors feel relaxed and welcome!

Think About Your Visitors

When planning your reception area, always think with the client or guest in mind. What might they need or expect while in the waiting area? You might want to put the wifi password somewhere visible, some magazines, papers or a water tank for refreshments. There are endless possibilities when it comes to extra additions for your reception area, so you can tailor this to your business and include things relevant to your company.

Corporate Spec

Here at Corporate Spec, we understand the importance of having a well constructed reception area, and our refurbished chairs, tables and sofas are perfect for any office setting.

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