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Making Your Office More Eco-Friendly


There are a lot of ways to make an office more eco-friendly, from its processes down to furniture and materials. Although it will take consistency and dedication to make changes, the advantages for corporations (big and small) are convincing enough to make the switch.

It’s always a business advantage when offices are designed to be conducive to work productivity. And investing in more sustainable options will give businesses more benefits than others. Being known as a sustainable business can boost its reputation as well as employee morale.

Here are some of the best ways you can make your office more eco-friendly:

Turn off electronics when not in use

Encourage office workers to switch off electronics they aren’t using, like their personal workspace, appliances in the pantry, lights, or conference room equipment. After all, the last thing anyone needs is for these things to suddenly break down because it was stuck in idle mode for too long. 

Use refurbished furniture

Exclusively using eco-friendly furniture for your office means you’re making an active effort to support the green movement. Furnishings and products that use environment-friendly and sustainable materials (i.e. bamboo) are usually more durable. 

Many refurbished furnishings are often affordable, as they are technically used or repaired. But this absolutely doesn’t mean it is lower in quality. In fact, most of the fixtures being overhauled are made from durable materials. Additionally, availing of this kind of furniture helps prevent more reusable waste from ending up in landfills.

Have an energy-friendly office layout

If you’re in the process of having your office space built, opt for layouts that make good use of natural lighting, as well as make sure that all your areas are well ventilated. Doing so won’t just affect how much electricity your space uses in a day, but it also gives your guests a good first impression. Plus, it’s good morale for workers to have easily accessible windows and decent cooling.

Reduce the use of paper

Some businesses avoid digitizing their work for a couple of reasons. Many insist on still using paper for documentation such as contracts and other important business records. 

For some workers,  they consider digitizing all work files too time-consuming. Other times, it’s simply not the usual way of doing things. However, by not adapting to these digital changes, businesses miss out on opportunities to improve processes and save expenses, resources, and time.

Fill your office with plants

With the right indoor plants, make a big difference in how your employees deliver output throughout the week. Although it is an added responsibility, a small effort can go a long way. It is said that biophilia designs in workplaces can help reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and enhance creativity.

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