3 Brands to look out for


There are many reasons to consider opting for refurbished chairs for your office rather than new ones. Refurbished chairs can be much more affordable than brand-new models but offer the same sound quality, if not better. 

Moreover, refurbished chairs have usually been thoroughly inspected and cleaned before being put back on the market, so you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product. Getting high-quality chairs is especially true if you purchase them from Corporate Spec, as we hold a wide selection of refurbished office chairs for sale. 

Here are three recommended refurbished chair brands for your office,

Herman Miller

Refurbished Herman Miller chairs have ergonomic features which ensure you are comfortable throughout your working day or a very long meeting. This Aeron office chair offers lumbar support and has a tilt lock. Most Aeron model chairs have this lumbar support feature, letting you focus on your tasks without compromising posture and comfort. 

A classic Mirra adapts to your body as soon as you sit down. There’s no need to keep adjusting your seat and posture to find a comfortable position. All you need to do is start your work and get on with your day without hassle. 

Corporate Spec refurbishes Herman Miller office chairs like new, so you can experience the total comfort the brand-new ones have to offer. Opt for refurbished Herman Miller chairs so you can work with ease.


You can also go for refurbished Steelcase chairs, designed for exceptional comfort and support. They provide ergonomic support and intuitively adjust to the user’s body. 

Gesture model chairs support and move with the body throughout a day of deskbound activities and interaction with technology. Sitting at your desk all day has never been this comfortable. Steelcase Lets B chairs come in different colours and provide intuitive user adjustments. 

Corporate Spec refurbishes these pre-owned chairs like new, so you can have top-quality chairs in your office. Use them in offices or meeting rooms and let everyone experience outstanding Steelcase features.


Refurbished Humanscale chairs have various features that address any need you might have. Their Cinto stacking chairs with wheels provide support when in use, adapting to the user instead of the other way around. They are also lightweight, so you can easily and quickly carry and store them when not in use or when you need to transport them from one meeting room to another. 

Humanscale Freedom chairs come in high back and low back designs. High-back Freedom chairs have a headrest that supports the head and neck when the user reclines. The low-back ones have a sculpted backrest and thick cushions for long-lasting comfort. 

If you’re looking for an affordable way to update the look of your office, or if you want to add some unique flair, consider opting for refurbished chairs instead of new ones. You’ll be glad you did. 

More importantly, choose office chairs refurbished by Corporate Spec. You can pick from good brands fully refurbished and upcycled to top-quality products that it’s like owning them in their brand-new state and benefitting from their features. Work in style, work in comfort.

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