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Ultimate Home Office Setup Guide


Do you know the best part about working from home? Your home office is fully customizable! You get to choose the furniture and move the desks around. 

If you’re just starting with your home office job, you should have the best setup for productivity and work efficiency. Read on to find out where to start:

Get a Stable Desk

As kids, we all took the quality of desks we used at school or the library for granted. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has proven the feasibility of working from home, it’s a good idea to take the time to look for decent and stable desks. Here are some of the qualities you should look for when you’re shopping for one: 

  • A tabletop surface that you can use a mouse on, like flat natural or reclaimed wood
  • It’s also good to invest in computer table mats for your mouse to deter dirt accumulation on the actual tabletop surface.
  • Avoid most office tables, as they’re usually too compact for comfort.
  • Instead, look for study tables with one or no drawer compartments
  • Computer tables made for desktops are pricier, but they offer less wobbling for monitor users

Lastly, If your budget/options are limited, consider shopping for DIY assembly variants. Many of them are too lightweight for monitors to hold on to, but it won’t be as suffocating as getting a pre-build office desk with shelves and drawers all over. 

Shop for an Ergonomic Chair

Regular office chairs and ergonomic chairs focus on providing comfort and mobility. They are also designed to give users decent back support while reducing hip pressure and improving blood circulation. Compared to other static chairs, they are also proven to help with focus, not in a psychological sense but more of a side effect of their stress-relief features.

You don’t need the most expensive office chair to be comfortable. Even refurbished ergonomic office chairs can provide much-needed comfort; even far better than luxury gaming chairs costing more than a thousand dollars. 

Do your research, look for the best deals, and avoid marketing blurbs. As the saying goes, you don’t need a gaming chair to win an online match, and you certainly don’t need a super-pricey office chair to become a top-performing worker for your company.

If you’re looking for a good office furniture online store in the UK to shop from, Corporate Spec’s got your back! There are plenty of refurbished ergonomic chairs in-store from dozens of recognizable brands that many companies have depended on for years. You’ll do well to shop here for your needs.

Add Indoor Plants

It’s been said many times before, but if you want to keep your morale high, you’ll need indoor plants surrounding your workspace. They relieve stress, boost creativity, and look wonderful wherever you put them. 

You’re probably thinking that it’s bothersome to care for them, but it’s not exactly as difficult as being a from-scratch gardener. Most indoor plants require minimal care and attention. In fact, there are guides on the internet on which plants are easy to own and which ones require more than just water and sunlight. Whichever the case, know that owning an indoor plant is worth the trouble. You shouldn’t think too much about the responsibility that comes with it.

Have a Well-Lit Room

Lighting provides visual clarity to one’s workspace. Without it, workers would suffer from mood swings, sleepiness, or eye damage.

Take advantage of natural lighting. If you can’t and are stuck with poorly-placed light fixtures, shop for portable light sources like bendable lamps.

Clean or Personalize your Workspace 

Perhaps the most essential factor to consider is your work area. Make sure to have ample space to move around. Like most of the points made in this guide, a clean and organized space provides good morale for the worker. 

Can you imagine working in a room that’s messier than a fast food joint? You’ll likely get distracted by everything, and as many of you know to heart, it’s a sure fire way of convincing yourself to procrastinate by cleaning up your little workspace!

If you clean and personalize your workspace beforehand, you wouldn’t find yourself wasting precious time while you’re on the clock. Although some people prefer to work in their mess, the reality is that a room can be a reflection of one’s mind. What you feel accustomed to may actually be a deterrent to your work efficiency. 

Keep all of this in mind whenever you feel like you need to give your workspace a new makeover. You’ll thank yourself later!

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