Sustainable Materials To Look Out For In Your Office Furniture

sustainable materials in furniture | refurbished office chairs

As many people know, sustainable living means being eco-conscious of what you buy and who you support with your cash. It’s not just a one-time promise but a lifestyle that every individual should embrace with all their heart. Remember, when you shop for sustainable products, you support the environment and the people who make an effort to manufacture such items from durable, pre-loved materials.

If you’re not too familiar with this concept and wondering about the quality of products, don’t worry. It’s been a practice for decades, even before the internet era. Those refurbished office chairs you’ve seen in stores before? They’re just as reliable as new ones and sometimes even better.

What makes certain furniture sustainable?

Sustainable furniture is eco-friendly products manufactured with the use of recycled materials. There are three ways you can view this:

  • Products made from natural materials such as wood, steel, glass, etc. that can be easily recycled in the future
  • High-quality products that are made from reclaimed materials and only need a few components to function properly
  • Durable second-hand products that can still function for years to come

It can also be a mix of all three, as the critical idea is that these pieces of furniture are manufactured with eco-friendly means. 

As customers, it can be a little challenging to know whether a product is truly made with sustainable materials. Manufacturers and furniture stores usually provide insight into their products, including their repairability, the number of components, and toxic chemicals contents like lead and PVC.

Kinds of materials you can find in your office furniture

As mentioned before, sustainable furniture often uses natural and accessible materials to recycle. Here are some of the most common materials you can find in your office furniture:

Reclaimed Wood, Bamboo, Rattan 

These there are the best materials that consumers and manufacturers love. Wood has that nice and cosy feeling to them that other common sustainable materials lack. They are known for their durability, and natural design, often touched up with liquid coating.  

Fabric, Cloth, Textiles

These comfort materials are often found used on office chairs and bedroom/lounge area furniture. Eco-conscious furniture makers often highlight their fabric sources to promote their quality vs less environment-friendly options. 

Aluminium, Steel

Steel and aluminium can be found in almost every kind of furniture out there, whether they make up more than 40% of the product or are only there in the form of screws and locks. For example, a DIY chair set made of wood will likely use a mix of wooden fasteners and metal screws to secure the whole thing together. 

Going green is the right choice

If you’re not too picky with what you buy, shopping for sustainable furniture is a good idea. Lower prices don’t equal lower quality, and with a wallet’s show of support, you’re helping other customers see the value of investing in eco-friendly products. 

Corporate Spec is just one of the many trustworthy stores in the world that provides a catalogue of refurbished furniture for interested buyers to look into. We have tables and office chairs for sale, as well as other products that you’ll likely want for your floor. Shop for sustainable furniture today!


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