How To Know When To Refurbish or Recycle Office Furniture


No matter how brand new office furniture is, it will eventually go down in quality after several years. Luckily, you can buy many secondhand furniture in the UK to ensure you get good items at a lower price. But before you do that, why not have it refurbished or recycled? There may be hope for it even when considered “old”. In fact, lots of refurbished sofas, office desks, chairs, and more in the UK have had their shelf life lengthened instead of being thrown at a landfill. And if it isn’t possible to save, you can even recycle by repurposing them.

So how do you know when it’s time to do so? Read our guide below.


Old finish

As the name suggests, a furniture’s finish refers to the final touch after all the sanding, smoothing, and repairs. If it’s sticky, flaky, or cracked, the item needs refinishing. 

There are many different finishes available. They all have their advantages and uses, from varnish to lacquer to wax to resin. While these make wooden furniture more beautiful and sturdy, resin and varnish are the best options. 

Make sure to know the exact value of the item before refinishing, as removing the old finish can cause its quality to be lower.


Scratches, dents, and other marks

Aside from the finish, one must also check the items for scratches, dents, watermarks, etc. These can occur even if the finish is fine due to repeated use over time. For example, the water stains can result from the constant placing of wet cups or glasses on the piece without any coasters. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that a table or desk is unusable, these marks might not be good to look at. If you feel that your furniture needs sprucing up or a new look, refurbishing it is the way to go.


Possible value

As mentioned earlier, you may find that some furniture possess great value, making it a prime candidate for refurbishing efforts. If you’re unfamiliar with how to determine or appraise the value of an item, have a professional do it for you. Let them inspect if your furniture has any indicators of age, markings, or tags. Dovetail joints and dull interiors are signs that a certain piece is old. Have someone oversee and assess its value so you can see if it’s worth refurbishing and reselling. However, keep in mind that some antique pieces decrease in value if you remove their finish. That’s why it’s a must to consult an expert before doing anything else.


Other indicators

While the mentioned indicators show furniture is refurbishable, there may be pieces that can’t be salvaged. They can, however, still be recycled through repurposing. For starters, turn an old ladder into a hanger or a shelf. An old file cabinet can be used as a closet. The sky’s the limit when it comes to recycling these furniture items.

By taking note of the pointers above, you can quickly determine which furniture items in your office can be refurbished and recycled. Do these instead of buying new furniture so you and your company can take part in the circular economy model to better the environment.

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