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How Employers Can Contribute To A Better Environment


In the bid to be more environmentally conscious, employers should do their best to keep up with the change and do the same. After all, companies have a corporate social responsibility they have to fulfill to give back to the environment. Partaking in such activities also improves their image as a brand.

But the question remains: How does a company contribute to bettering the environment? Here are just some things you can do.


Practice a circular economy

A circular economy is a model wherein the principles include eliminating waste, circulating and reusing products, and nature regeneration. Employers can contribute to this in various ways, including reusing furniture instead of just being sent to the landfill. For starters, you can sell your old furniture online in the UK to those who may need it more. You may also have it refurbished for reuse. On the other hand, you can purchase secondhand furniture instead of new ones. There are lots of cheap office chairs and tables for sale in the UK you can buy to support reuse and circulation. All of these help in following the three principles mentioned above for a better, more sustainable way of living.


Encourage recycling

We’ve all heard the mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle, but it still rings true to this day. Doing this in the office does wonders in reducing waste that goes into landfills and increases materials that can be circulated and reused to their fullest extent. Recycling could be in the form of proper segregation or even in repurposing old furniture into new ones. Such practices help you save up on the cost to buy new furniture and contribute to lesser waste produced.


Reduce paper waste

During the pandemic, the use of paper isn’t as prominent due to digital copies taking place to suit the work-from-home setup. This has resulted in less paper waste produced. So why not continue it even as protocols loosen up? 

Keeping it digital saves you the cost of buying printing materials. It also eliminates the risk of these paper documents cluttering the office. And lastly, there’s also less waste involved if we go for soft copies of files instead.


Conserve energy

If your business does choose to hold face-to-face office work, it’s best to employ methods that help you conserve energy. It’s the little things such as turning off and unplugging appliances when not in use help make a difference. You can also use energy-efficient appliances to help truly achieve a green workplace.

Making a difference in the environment is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort, and many people work together to make an impact. As long as everyone in the company is on board with the concept of a circular economy and sustainable processes, your organization can be part of a significant change as we know it.

To get started, recycle and refurbish your furniture with our help. Contact Corporate Spec and transform your old furniture into something good as new! Not only will you save more and lengthen your furniture’s life, but you’ll also be doing something good for the environment and the economy. Contact us to get started!

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