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Why You Should Practise Circular Economy In Your Office

why-you should-practise-circular-economy

The concept of a circular economy focuses on restoration and regeneration. This translates to repurposing and recycling old furniture such as second-hand office desks in the workplace. This keeps materials circulating instead of being reduced to waste. Finding out where to sell refurbished furniture in the UK is helpful because of the assurance that said furniture would be reused someplace else.

But why exactly is this a practice that all workplaces should adopt? Read below to find out how.


Good for your business

Following the principles of a circular economy is beneficial to the business in more ways than one. For one, there’s no need to worry about buying new furniture immediately. Thanks to the concept of a circular economy, businesses spend less on that and have these items refurbished instead, extending their life for the years to come. The money that the company saves from this can then be allotted to other things that need more budget. Aside from that, making these practices well-known helps elevate the image of the brand and company to the audience.


Good for the employees

Not only is this practice good for the company, but also good for the ones working for it. Following the concept in its entirety means making use of natural, environmentally-friendly materials and better ventilated indoors for the office space. All these are beneficial to the health of every employee working in the premises. They feel much more refreshed and relaxed with these elements in their workspace.


Good for the economy

One great thing about practising this model is its benefits for the economic situation. A core goal of this concept is to disassociate economic growth from the consumption of limited materials. Following the principles of a circular economy shows that it is possible to have a positive impact without depleting these resources. Furthermore, supporting the model mentioned above brings new jobs such as refurbishing products into something good as new.


Good for the environment

Last but definitely not the least, doing something as simple as refurbishing and reusing office furniture will significantly affect the environment. Since the waste going to landfills is greatly reduced, the carbon emissions are also lessened. It may not seem like much, but for every business that adheres to said practice, so much waste and emissions are eliminated. Moreover, as mentioned in the first item, doing this is also good PR and boosts your brand’s image to both customers and investors.

Participating in a circular economy is a lot of work. It takes patience, dedication, and a radical mindset willing to challenge the status quo and change it entirely. But by applying it to your business processes, from your operations down to the office furniture you’re using, your company will make quite the difference.

To get started in your participation in the movement, contact us at Corporate Spec. We employ the practice of a circular economy in our office clearance service, ensuring that your old furniture is recycled and refurbished and feels brand new despite the extended use. Contact us now to get started on recycling and reusing your office furniture.

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