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What To Do With Extra Office Furniture After Clearance

What To Do With Extra Office Furniture After Clearance

After clearing your office, you may find yourself having lots of excess furniture that you need to get rid of. Storing them might seem like a good idea, but if you don’t have the budget and location for a storage place, it will just end up occupying lots of space. With this, it’s best to get rid of them to make more space for new furniture.

Throwing them away, however, is not sustainable in the long run, as this only serves to add to excessive solid waste. By getting rid of them through better methods, you can diminish solid waste and lessen carbon emissions. Here are some sustainable ways you can get rid of excess workplace furniture.

Have them repaired

If there are furniture items that can still be salvaged, it might be good if you could have them repaired. Check for a suitable repair service to see if they can be fixed as some of them can still be refurbished or repurposed. Once they’re good as new, they are now ready to be used, sold, or donated.

Sell them online

One of the things you can do is put your office chairs, desks, and equipment for sale online. Your range of customers could be from employers looking to buy for their own offices or professionals who do work-from-home and are setting up their workspace at home. The latter, especially, are constantly looking for affordable, secondhand furniture, so seize that opportunity and sell your office furniture online in the UK.

Donate them to employees or charity

Another thing you can do, if you’re feeling quite generous, is to donate them either to employees or to charity. If your company is currently in a hybrid work set-up, your workers may find those old workplace furniture items useful for their home offices. The old desks and chairs can also be used for other areas at home, such as a study, a reading nook, or a coffee area.

You can also donate them to charity. Old office furniture can still find life and use in underserved communities. It’s also quite fulfilling to know that your donations are helping people in need in various parts of the world.

Have them recycled

For the items that can’t be saved, they can still be of use instead of throwing them away in some landfill. Certain materials can still be extracted, such as wood, leather, or metal from said furniture and used to create other items. Donate your furniture to the nearest recycling centre so they can make good use of the materials.

By doing the things above, your furniture can go beyond their expected shelf life instead of wasting in a landfill and potentially contributing to more solid waste. The next time you’re doing office clearance or getting rid of extra furniture, keep all this in mind, so you know what to do.

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