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Why You Shouldn’t Do Office Clearance On Your Own

Why You Shouldn’t Do Office Clearance On Your Own

On paper, it may seem like office clearance is something companies can do effectively in-house. One may think that they can just clear out themselves to save on hiring a third-party provider to do it, then sell their excess office furniture online to customers in the UK. But if you don’t have the skill or the resources to do it, it’s not at all recommended. In fact, hiring a service is definitely a better, more worthy investment.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you shouldn’t do it yourself and leave this task to the professionals instead.

Time concerns

No matter how small or how big your workplace is, the clearing process will definitely take up a significant amount of time. Said time could have been used for tasks that directly benefit the company’s goals, such as increasing sales and managing the business. Remember that for each employee you have clearing the office, you lose a key team member who’s supposed to prioritise their own work. By hiring a service, your employees can focus on their work while the third party does all the clearing of office furniture such as conference room chairs, desks, sofas, and more.

Lack of expertise in-house

Aside from the time it takes to handle office clearance, the lack of expertise from your in-house people is another cause for concern. Even if they’re done with all of their work and can lend a hand to the effort, they’re not trained to clean up your workplace efficiently. Having people without the skill to handle it will only cause confusion and delays, taking up more time than necessary.

Health and safety issues

With the lack of expertise comes the risk of them getting into an accident while doing the work. We don’t want anyone, employee or not, getting hurt on duty. Aside from that, one injured worker can lead to a compromised team, leading to delays or having to work overtime to cover for that one person. By outsourcing these services, the safety standards followed by the professionals ensure that such instances can be avoided. It also means that no employee of yours needs to expose themselves to possible danger.

Lack of knowledge in waste recycling

Even if you’ve somehow managed to clear everything on your own, you may not have the knowledge on what to do with any excess furniture you may have. As always, it’s better to let the professionals do their jobs. These people would know how to properly recycle your old furniture in order to reduce solid waste and push the sustainability initiative. Rest assured that your excess office equipment will be reused and repurposed in various ways.

Don’t think of office clearance as simply just “cleaning”. A ton of work goes into ensuring everything is in order, from quick and efficient remodelling to proper disposal of items. Instead of worrying over it, just focus on your own work and let a team of experts from Corporate Spec handle everything. Contact us for all your workplace clearance needs!

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