What To Look For When Buying Eco-Friendly Chairs


Eco-friendly chairs are a great way to add style and comfort to your office while also helping the environment. Despite being refurbished furniture, they’re reliable and presentable to the point where it can be difficult for some to tell if they’re looking at something newly manufactured or not.

If you are looking to buy eco-friendly chairs, there are a few key things you should keep in mind:

Check if Sustainably made and Sustainably sourced

Look for chairs that were manufactured using practices that protect the environment. Think of sustainable materials like bamboo, wool, cotton, and recycled plastic.  In fact, these materials are revered by green communities for their quality as building materials and the fact that they require less energy to manufacture. 

Furniture dealers may also carry refurbished or second-hand chairs that deserve a second chance in life. Remember, being second-hand doesn’t mean their quality isn’t up to par with their newly manufactured counterparts. They are quite sturdy and reliable.

Being refurbished also means there’s special care given to making them as presentable as possible for the market. That means no dust or grime, no rust or slime. They’re selling these chairs because they know they’ll last at least a decade.

Go for Minimalist Chair Designs

Less is more, especially in the world of green furniture. Opt for chairs that are made with little or no chemicals. These can take the form of adhesive materials or treatments applied to improve the chairs’ long-term durability. Flame retardants are a prime example of toxic fumes added into chairs that, although seemingly helpful in the event of a fire breakout, does more passive harm to the people in your home than good. The best way to know if the furniture you’re buying has low toxicity is to check if they’re certified by known Green Organisations.

Verify if certified by Green Organisations

Second, look for chairs that are certified by an environmental organisation.  This includes Green guard, Forest Stewardship Council, and LEED, all of which guarantee that the chairs you’re looking at were made using sustainable practices. 

The easiest way to find out you’re buying an eco-friendly chair is by checking out which company they came from. Some of the most popular brands in the UK will usually bring their green efforts to light with their ads and publicity efforts. Think of brands like Herman Miller or Humanscale— a quick look into their websites and social media pages will tell you where their priorities lie and how they’re making a difference in the world. 

Here at Corporate Spec, many of our refurbished office chairs are guaranteed certified and conform to the European standard (EN 1335 Class A) for office chairs. It’s not just about buying certified; it’s also about supporting those who are using sustainable practices in the first place.

Confirm Warranty

Finally, ask your furniture supplier what kind of warranty they offer for their chairs. While refurbished chairs don’t come with a guarantee, it’s essential to know that you’re working with a reliable company that will stand by its products. If you’re looking for a catalogue of sustainably-made office furniture, look no further than the Corporate Spec online store. We have a wide range of eco-friendly chairs to choose from, and we’re happy to help you find the perfect one for your office space. Remember, when you buy green furniture, you’re helping the world by consciously making green living trends by supporting eco-leaning stores.

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